Jobs outside Task: Debtors Clerk – Expiry Date: 2022-08-19

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Jobs outside Task: Debtors Clerk – Expiry Date: 2022-08-19

Job Summary

Receipt and scrutiny of Input Data

• Capture and Processing of Input Data

• Production and Circulation of Reports

• Record Keeping

• Communication with Users

• Responsibility for Data Security

• Invoicing

• Receipting

• Preparation of daily Banking

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Receipt and Scrutiny of Input Data

1.1. To receive all inputs intended for data processing and storing them (temporarily) in such a manner that they are easily accessible for processing.

1.2. Checking the authenticity and accuracy of input data before capture.

1.3. Where necessary, the querying of doubtful inputs with the view to correcting same.

1.4. To formulate and implement cross-checking mechanisms so as to ensure the processing of accurate data.

1.5. To report recurring errors and/or omissions noticed in input data submitted so as to avoid the repetition of such.

2. Capture and Processing of Input Data

2.1. To ensure that capturing of input submitted is done accurately.

2.2. Responsible for formulating and implementing self-checking mechanisms as a measure of improving the accuracy of outputs.

2.3. Preparation of such input.

2.4. Rendering advice on the improvements thereof.

3. Production and circulation of Reports

3.1. To ensure timely printing of reports in the numbers required by users.

3.2. Checking and ensure accuracy of the information produced as expected of DP personnel.

3.3. To circulate reports to the relevant users.

4. Record Keeping

4.1. Preparation of circulation schedules.

4.2. Ensuring that all reports received are signed for.

4.3. To periodically up-date circulation schedules.

5. Communication with Users

5.1. Bringing to the attention of Users any problems relevant to them, that may be experienced.

5.2. Suggesting to Users any improvements.

5.3. Conducting basic training for Users.

6. Invoicing

6.1. Capturing of Bill of Entries from the sales & operations departments for invoicing.

6.2. Customer invoicing with reference to their contracts & bills of entries.

7. Receipting

7.1. Issuing of receipts for both cash and cheques customers. This also encompasses miscellaneous sales.

8. Preparation of daily banking

8.1. Checking for the completeness of cheques received, those with any discrepancies should be bought to the attention of the credit controller.

8.2. To ensure that all cheques received are banked daily and in the absence of Credit Controller, the Accountant or the Assistant Accountant should be notified so that they can make alternative arrangements.

9. Other

9.1. Ensuring that both software and hardware are well maintained to ensure long life.

9.2. Attending to all other duties as may be required by the Assistant Accountant from time to time.

9.3. Preferably bias towards credit control or debt control.

Qualifications and Experience


School level

At least 3 ‘A’ Level passes and 5 ‘O’ Level passes including Maths and English

Higher Technical, Professional or University

BBA, BAcc, Bcom, Part CIS, Diploma Accounting SAAA ,IAC, SAAA, Credit Management.

A bias towards credit control or debt control is an asset.


Minimum 2 years experience as Debtors Clerk or Assistant Credit Controller.

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