Jobs outside Task: Director Epidemiology And Disease Control – Expiry Date: 2022-08-01

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Jobs outside Task: Director Epidemiology And Disease Control – Expiry Date: 2022-08-01

Job Summary

Responsible and accountable for the planning and operations of Epidemiology, Health Information and Surveillance, Health promotion, Communicable and non-communicable Disease Prevention and Control programs.




Duties and Responsibilities


1. Coordinates and manages the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Health Information and Surveillance Systems.

2. Provides an early warning system and a trend analysis of the health status of communities including quarterly epidemiological bulletins and annual national health profiles.

3. Establishes Disease Prevention and Control Programmes, policies, strategies, goals and objectives; and periodically reviews the relevance and adequacy of the same and taking appropriate action as necessary.

4. Conducts Health surveys for baseline information and evaluates effectiveness of Health programmes

5. Develops technical guidelines/manuals to standardize case definitions, diagnosis and case management for communicable disease control.

6. Ensures implementation and enforcement of enacted Public Health legislation to support communicable programmes.

7. Provides national leadership, coordination and management of communicable disease prevention and control programs.

8. Responsible for ensuring that communicable disease prevention and control programs efficiently and effectively complement each other as well as interacting with other units and departments.

9. Plans, organizes and undertakes in-service, pre-service and other appropriate training for health workers.

10. Identifies high risk groups and calculates incidence coverage and mortality trends through medical demography and vital statistics.

11. Establish and sustain technical advisory committees for monitoring and directing various communicable disease programs.

12. Develop operational and strategic plans for control of communicable diseases and mobilise national and international funding.

13. Coordinates the designing, execution and analysis of communicable disease prevention and control related operational

research and contribute to the research finding dissemination and utilization.

14. Co-ordinates National Microbiology Reference Laboratories and animal health authorities to improve the case diagnosis and case confirmation, epidemic investigation of communicable diseases, surveillance, drug sensitivity (anti-microbial resistance

15. Ensure and promote inter-departmental collaboration and effective contribution to regional and international organizations

16. Supervises and appraises subordinates

17. Produces monthly, quarterly and annual report on communicable diseases.

Qualifications and Experience


1. MBCHB or equivalent

2. Masters Degree in Public Health or equivalent.

3. Registration with the MDPCZ.

4. 5 years’ experience with at least two years’ experience in the grade of DMO or three years as PMD and /or PEDCO/PMCHO

Prospective candidates will be subjected to mandatory psychometric tests

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