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Automated News Website

I will Create an Automated News Website for you.  The Site Will Grab content from more than 200 News sources, spin the words and automatically post while you are sleeping. You can earn passive income with Google Adsense while doing less or even sleeping. Here is one of my Adsense approved automated news website:

‘Passive income’ is the ultimate dirty joke online! Sure – we ALL want it – but what do we find inside products that promise it?
You will usually get systems that require a TON of work upfront, ongoing time & usually a LOT of money to keep going.
Most so-called passive income methods are anything BUT passive, often involving SEVERAL of the following:
You have to build an email list – then master the art of email marketing
You have to create & sell products – even if you have no clue how to do it
You’ll have to learn how to record & publish videos
Spend hours spamming groups on social media while ENDLESSLY posting on forums
Learn how to write ads, then pay for traffic
Suddenly ‘passive’ becomes more like ‘full-time job’. WITHOUT the guaranteed paycheck.
You can get around this, just by tapping into 100% free traffic & viral content created by others!

NOTE: The pricing does not include web hosting and domain registration. You will need to buy hosting and domain. We can assist if you need help

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